Capra Rocchino a latte Crudo ( Black and white )

From a small family-run dairy located in the heart of the Langhe here is a production of great goat cheeses.

The feeding of the animals is totally controlled, in winter at the stable, they feed on alfalfa hay and chopped cereals, in summer at wild pasture, with wild herbs and chopped cereals.

The cheese is worked with morning milk in addition to the rested milk milked the previous evening, kept at room temperature with the addition of calf rennet.

The result is a very fine and delicate product , with aromatic scents typical of the herbs they feed on, suitable to be eaten both fresh and more mature.

The black rind version is obtained by sprinkling the crust with vegetable charcoal. This production is exclusive, the craftsman produces only for Guffanti !! !



Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture

soft compact paste. It is milky white in color
delicate, slightly acidic
Serving suggestions
Fruity white wines, light beers. Orange jam, pumpkin jam and ginger. Walnut or grape bread

Technical characteristics

Raw Goat Milk
Production method
from 5 days
Production period
seasonal from april to october
55% Mgss
300 Gr.
diameter cm 4, bit cm 6 circa
Cheesemaker in Cuneo
Whole cheese code
3900049 (white) - 3900051 (black)

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