Formaggio d’Antigorio al Prunent

It is a classic “home” toma, ie from the valley floor, produced by a dairy in Val d'Ossola. The cheese is covered with “Prunent” pomace (a native variety of Nebbiolo vine). This mode allows the cheese to absorb the aroma of the wine, without however coloring the paste but only the noble rind. It is a recent process, which however combines two products with centuries of history behind them, the toma and the "Prunent", which is also the name of the main wine that is produced in Ossola. The cheese begins its maturation process at 3-4 months, to reach more important maturation levels, well beyond 12 months. For the optimal refinement of the Antigorio al Prunent cheese, Luigi Guffanti at the end of the nineties recovered, in the small mountain town of Oira, not far from Domodossola, a seventeenth-century cellar attached to the local dairy.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
compact, intense yellow paste with pinholes, a dark, purple rind which tends to become paler as it ripens
intense and piquant with traces of fruit and wine
Serving suggestions
full bodied, red, aromatic wines . Recioto gelatine. Hot, marrow chutney. Black rye bread and polenta

Technical characteristics

full fat, pasteurised, cow’s milk
Production method
artisan and industrial
cooked, pressed
dry and in brine
at least 60 days
Production period
45% F-Dm
5-7 kg
30-40 cm diameter, h. 10-15 cm
dairies from the Ossola area
Whole cheese code
Cutted cheese code

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