Formaggio Nostrano Gran Cistella

For "casa" in Ossola Valley it means the cheese factory in the valley, opposite the high mountain pastures. Guffanti takes special care of the selection of manufacturers with high quality standards: they are often of the same mountain dwellers in the months of the year in which they remain in the valley are dedicated to tome "at home" with the same skill demonstrated in pasture, even if the matter before (ie milk) is different, devoid of flavors transmitted from the high mountain flora. Important to the production of Antigorio Valley, one of the valleys of Ossola, where he was picked up in the traditional processing raw milk.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
pulp pale yellow light, supple on the palate.
decided, with spicy notes features
Serving suggestions
Full-bodied red wines. Chestnut honey. Wild apples, black rye bread, porridge.

Technical characteristics

cow's milk, whole, pasteurized with inoculation of lactic acid bacteria selected.
Production method
Compact, lightweight with scattered holes, natural color varies from deep yellow to pale slightly according seasoning.
in salamoia
60 days minimum - up to 6 months
Production period
all over the year
38% Mgss
6 kg
Diameter about 30-35 cm, height about 6-8 cm
Farmers in Valle Antigorio Valley
Whole cheese code
Cutted cheese code

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