Grasso d’Alpe Monscera

The history of the exploitation of the pastures in Val d’Ossola is documented since the first half of the year one thousand. The Ossola mountain offers , even at high altitudes , vast expanses and well sheltered from the winds for grazing animals and , from these characteristics , the local mountain dwellers through the centuries have been able to take advantage of great cheeses . An emblematic case is represented by the summer production on Alpe Monsera (2,100 meters above sea level): very limited quantities, of a few hundred wheels per year each, processed in the months of July and August and sent back down to the valley on the back of a mule.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
paste intense straw color , compact, with thick eye partridge or larger
very intense , flavorful , with alpine herbs notes and the stable
Serving suggestions
full-bodied red wines . aromatic honey . fresh fruit (pear Passacrassana ) . Black rye bread , porridge

Technical characteristics

vaccine, whole, raw
Production method
artisanal in pasture
cooked, pressed
a secco e in salamoia
60 days minimum
Production period
Summer production
45% MGSS
5-7 kg
d. 30-40 cm, h 10-15 cm
farmers from Ossola valleys
Whole cheese code
Cutted cheese code

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