Pecorino dei templari

Pecorino dei Templari comes from an ancient rural tradition of Romagna.
With the approach of Christmas and Easter holidays, the Azdora (housewife)
to make some extra money, occasionally evaded her husband some form of pecorino cheese maker more beautiful, and then work it in secret, trying to change the taste and flavor and then sell it to the market.
The "Pecorino National Treasure" is produced from sheep's milk and began his long working after ten days of production. Is washed with whey every five days and left to dry in ventilated caves until the thirtieth day. Then anointed with seabed oil and balsamic vinegar and put inside vats, interspersed with layers of juniper. Each week, the Pecorino is removed from the racks to make it run better and dry, covered again with balsamic vinegar and planted again with juniper berries.
This manic operation is carried out up to the achievement of 70-80 days of ageing.
At the end is tanned, first with backdrop of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and then left to dry in ventilated caves for about 10 days.
In the end it will come out a Pecorino unique, both aromas for perfumes.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
white paste that melts in the mouth
intense, spicy and dry
Serving suggestions
Carpaccio raw vegetables and beef. Wines: Sangiovese top of a red vintage or not too tannic and structured. Mustard mixed vegetables. Tuscan bread crust: inedible

Technical characteristics

sheep, pasteurized milk enzymes, rennet and salt
Production method
80 days minimum
Production period
44% MGSS
2.5 kg
diameter 20 cm, h. 8
dairymen on the Appennines
Whole cheese code
Cutted cheese code

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