Toma Montfleury with skimmed raw milk

A new piece that enriches the range of Guffanti toma cheeses.

A semifat cheese, produced in Valle d'Aosta strictly with raw milk and seasoned even more than a year in a cellar in Aosta, located at 1.700 m above sea level. The natural conditions of the cellar are costant all over the year and ensure the perfect ripening of the wheels, produced with milk of two milkings, one of which skimmed.

This distinctive features represents an evidence of the attachment to the territory and to the tradition of Valle D'Aosta because, as the cheesemaker tells us, "the cheeses obtained with skimmed milk belong - more than Fontina - to our agri-food tradition considering that butter (fresh or melted) was, for our grandmas and great-grandmas, a food more precious than the cheese itself".

This toma is, chronologically, the latest example of our way to interpret and experience the world of CHEESE, a perfect summary of the Guffanti protocol: NATURE, HISTORY AND HUMAN LABOUR.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
Firm and compact paste, slightly yellow coloured with small holes. Brown-grey rind with reddish nuances.
Rich and pleasant, tending to spicy with the maturing.
Serving suggestions
Wine from Valle D'Aosta (Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle), onion jam. On a cutting board with classic boiled potatoes and crisp bread.

Technical characteristics

cow, raw, fullfat and skimmed
Production method
brine and dry
minimum 60 days, the Guffanti selection excedees 12 months
Production period
all over the year
20% Mgss
3,5 kg ca
D. 20 cm, h 9 cm
Cheesemakers from Valle D'Aosta
Whole cheese code

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