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Bagoss di Malga 2018

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It is a great traditional hard cheese, also characterised by its alpine pasture production. 'Bagòss' means 'bagolinese' in the local dialect, from Bagolino, a village in the Caffaro Valley that is the main centre of production of this cheese (of which, unfortunately, imitations from the plains have also spread in recent years). Saffron is traditionally added to the curd, which gives it its characteristic intense yellow colour. The cheeses are matured for a long time, even more than two years, periodically greasing them with linseed oil. When the cheese wheel is cut, the escape of air from the small alveoli inside the paste produces a continuous slight crackling sound that resembles a moan, for which it was once jokingly said that the cheese 'cried'. We at Guffanti rather like to think of it as a moan or a 'cry of joy'!

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