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Caciocavallo podolico - circa 500gr

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The noblest and most prized variety of caciocavallo, defined by some as 'the Parmigiano Reggiano of the South', takes its name from the area of Basilicata where a breed of cows - the podolica - specifically bred to produce it grazes: it lives in the wild in the Mediterranean maquis, feeding on highly aromatic herbs such as wild fennel, liquorice and myrtle, from which it absorbs aromas that it transmits to the milk.

Caciocavallo Casuentano is a raw milk cheese. It requires long maturation, sometimes extending over many years: its intense flavour becomes stronger and more piquant depending on the length of the maturation period. As with all caciocavallo cheeses, this stage takes place by hanging the cheeses, tied in pairs to a rope, 'astride' a board or beam, a custom that gave rise to the cheese's name.

Pair Casuentano caciocavallo with red wines, spicy green tomato jam and 'ciabatta' bread.

Since this is an artisanal product and cannot be standardised, the images are purely illustrative.
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