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Fiore Sardo DOP riserva stagionato oltre 40 mesi - 250/300gr

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Fiore Sardo PDO Riserva aged over 40 months is one of Sardinia's three PDO pecorino cheeses. The name derives from the fact that wild thistle flower was once used as rennet in its production. This cheese shows the characteristic curved 'muleback' shape and the rind is covered with an emulsion of olive oil with wine vinegar and cooking salt.

It is a raw sheep's milk cheese with an intense, piquant flavour and a semi-hard, pasty straw-yellow paste. Enjoy it with full-bodied, aged red wines, fresh broad beans and peas, oranges and figs, quince mostarda, and 'Carasau' bread.

Since this is an artisanal product and cannot be standardised, the images are purely illustrative.
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