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Provolone Mandarone stagionato minimo 3 anni - 250/300gr

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Provolone is a pasta filata cheese typical of southern Italy, now considered a traditional product in Lombardy, Emilia, Veneto and Trentino. A curiosity: did you know that it was introduced in Lombardy in the first half of the 19th century by Neapolitan cheesemakers?

Mandarone is a raw cow's milk cheese that is shaped like a large mandarin. Its most interesting characteristics develop after a long ripening period in special environments.

Provolone Mandarone matured for at least 3 years is very tasty, spicy, with aromas developed during ageing. We recommend it in combination with full-bodied and aged red wines, spicy fruit mostarda, spicy quince jam, home-made bread, schiacciate (flat bread).

Since this is an artisanal product and cannot be standardised, the images are purely illustrative.
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