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Puzzone di Moena DOP stagionato 8 mesi - 250/300gr

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The name derives from the very strong smell of Puzzone di Moena, which is matured in caves with high humidity in order to obtain a more pronounced fermentation of the paste. Since September 2014, it has acquired protected designation of origin for both alpine (malga) and non-summer production. It belongs to the 'nostrani di casello' family, which includes numerous cheeses from Trentino.

It is a mature cheese made from raw whole cow's milk. Its straw-coloured paste is compact and elastic, with widespread eye formation. Its intense flavour, with a very strong and persistent, slightly spicy aroma, goes well with red wines, dark beers, wholemeal bread, rose and green tomato jam.

Since this is an artisanal product and cannot be standardised, the images are purely illustrative.
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