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Stracchino nostrano 250 gr

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The typical sweet and soft cheese of Lombardy: in Cremona, mixed with quince mostarda, at Christmas it became a cream to accompany Panettone. In winter, artisanal stracchino tends to be softer and sometimes almost liquid; in summer, for better shelf life, it is produced with a slightly more compact consistency and a lower whey content. It is a very fresh cheese to be consumed quickly, although connoisseurs also appreciate it 'passito', that is, when after a few days the outer 'skin' thickens and the flavours become more pronounced.

The version produced for Guffanti contains no preservatives and uses milk of 100% Italian origin. It is excellent with fruity white wines, light beers, Cremona mustard, piadina romagnola, focaccia and sandwiches.

Since this is an artisanal product and cannot be standardised, the images are purely illustrative.
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