Erboritain Guffanti (blue cheese and chocolate)

A very sweet news in Guffanti. The modern reinterpretation of the classic Guffanti Bluebread Praline: now available the first ERBORITAIN! A chocolate Napolitain (both milk chocolate and white chocolate) with a blue cheese soul, hence the name ERBORinato + napolITAIN = ERBORITAIN the name of the founders of Luigi Guffanti Formaggi, or Luigi and Dirce (husband and wife).

Dirce is made up of milk chocolate with Novarese blue cheese, while Luigi presents white chocolate with inside Erborinato Sancarlone with coffee.

The two Napolitain united form a heart, the great heart of the suppliers and the great heart with which Guffanti handed down his dairy tradition over time and named after the founding great-grandparents, with the two "Erboritains", Luigi and Dirce who, united - as the two spouses have been throughout their lives - form a heart, the great heart of all those who appreciate and follow Guffanti and that, if possible even bigger, with which Guffanti handed down his dedication to the dairy tradition over time.

Technical characteristics

Whole cheese code
9900105 (single) - 9900106 (box) -9900107 (bag).

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