Storico Ribelle Presidio Slow Food

Storico Ribelle cheese is produced exclusively in the summer months on the alp cattle consists of dairy cows (traditionally alpine brown race) and goats (native breed of orobica Valgerola) is conducted on the pastures in June and stayed there, conditions weather permitting, until the month of September.

Cattle and goats feed exclusively on the mountain pasture, to be regulated in fact it is prohibited to integrate the feeding with feed and silage; the environment of the Alps Orobie, for exposure, for the abundance of  the waterways and for variations in height, has a floral variety that gives the milk of superior quality nutritional properties.

The biodiversity of the mountain environment, its scents and flavors, giving unique organoleptic characteristics of each form of history produced in the 12 pastures of the Consorzio di Salvaguardia.

The twelve alpine pastures in question – those in the Val Gerola are particularly important – are mainly steep and rocky and this explains why cow herding is accompanied by goats and the subsequent inclusion of goat’s milk in Formaggio Valli del Bitto cheese.

The power supply has a positive effect on the qualitative aspects of milk making it rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and an essential fatty acid of the omega-3 series, both known for its beneficial effects on our health.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
yellow paste hard, with very fine holes; the sides are slightly convex.
intense, rich, dry, with light animal notes, notes of grass and harmonious hints of goat's milk
Serving suggestions
Full bodied red wines and aged. chestnut honey, blueberry jam. rye bread, "pizzoccheri" and "sciatt" Valtellina (stuffed with cheese buckwheat pancakes)

Technical characteristics

Cow's and goat's milk, raw, whole milk
Production method
cooked, pressed
70 days minimum
Production period
45% Mgss
8-12 kg
diameter 30-50 cm, h. 8-10
Farmers from Valgerola
Whole cheese code
Cutted cheese code

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