New dairy discoveries in Guffanti!
November 2, 2021

New dairy discoveries in Guffanti!

The month of October ends with the arrival in our cellar in Arona of two new testimonials of the fantastic world of Guffanti cheeses, which is thus enriched with new colors, aromas and tastes.

The characteristic of these two products is that they are made to evolve by the producers, in particularly suitable places, and, therefore, in the Guffanti cellars they are only finished and not already fully bred. For this reason they also keep the name with which they are baptized by the producers.

We come to the first cheese

La TOMETTA DELLA MINIERA from raw cow's milk from Valtrompia, raw paste produced with grafted milk and therefore without the addition of ferment, from animals in season to pasture.

Small in size, semi-cured in an old mine (from which it takes its name) and finished in the Guffanti cellars where the crust is treated with the use of small doses of linseed oil (in the Valtrompiese fashion, hence the amber hue of the crust with its typical elasticity of that treatment).

Interesting color of the paste, strong aroma testifying to a clear and pleasant taste.

The second one:

PECORINO FAUGLIA which owes its name to that area of ​​the Pisan territory in which it is produced.

Very important size (even over 9 kg), proposed by the producer already with a good seasoning (we have lots of spring 2021) carried out in natural caves; therefore already pleasant product immediately but which is also put to rest and care in our cellars because it can be seasoned for a very long time.

The pasta is semi-cooked and the curd, after being put into shape, is pressed manually.

The paste is very light, compact and almost chalky, has a good aroma and, at the current maturation, a fresh taste with vegetable notes of astringency destined to disappear over time in favor of a more intense and full taste, with the contemporary evolution of the structure as well. of the pasta that becomes pleasantly staggering.

In a nutshell, two products with a personality that fit well into the already wide and interesting range of Guffanti's farmed cheeses and, particularly not negligible, at a well-calibrated and balanced price.

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